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Company News About Connection method of stainless steel pipe
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Connection method of stainless steel pipe

Latest company news about Connection method of stainless steel pipe

There are many kinds of connections between stainless steel pipes. For example:


1. Clamp type connection

The working principle of the clamping connection is to insert the thin-wall stainless steel pipe into the socket of the clamping pipe fitting, and use the special clamping tool to clamp the stainless steel pipe in the pipe fitting, the section shape of the clamping is hexagonal, and there is an O-ring seal between the stainless steel pipe and the pipe fitting, so that it has the characteristics of anti-leakage, anti-drawing, anti-vibration and high-pressure resistance. This connection method is suitable for water, oil, gas and other pipeline connections.


2. Card type connection

A connection in which the pipe is pressed to the fitting with a locking nut and a clamping ring for an open pipe. Features: The sealing surface of the sleeve pipe fitting is short, easy to install, no special tools are required, and can be disassembled. It is generally used in water and gas systems below 2632 specifications.


  • Socket connection

Socket connection mode is divided into mechanical interface and non-mechanical interface. The mechanical interface is connected with the upper flange of the pipe end by pressing the rubber seal ring in the gap of the cast iron socket, so that the rubber ring is compressed and closely with the pipe wall to form a seal.


  • Threaded connection

Threaded connection, also known as wire connection, it is through the internal and external threads to connect the pipe with the pipe, the pipe with the valve. This connection is mainly used for steel pipe, copper pipe and high pressure pipe connection.


  • Flange connection

Flange connection is a connection method that fixes two pipes or pipe fittings on a flange, and then adds flange pads between the two flanges, and finally pulls the two flanges tightly together with bolts.


  • Welding connection

Stainless steel pipe welding generally adopts argon arc welding to cover the bottom, manual arc welding to cover the surface, and the tube is filled with argon protection, so that the weld inside the tube does not produce oxidation. For stainless steel pipes with smaller diameters, argon arc welding can also be used directly to seal and cover the bottom. After the stainless steel pipe is welded, the weld surface should be pickled and passivated.